Reanimating Christmas Island's Place-based Past

Left: Suzy and Mary Mathew, November 1971. Right: Two men, possible British Phosphate Commission officers, 1969 or 1970. Photograph by Roland Marsh.

Dear Christmas Island

Held during Territory Week in October 2023, “Dear Christmas Island" is a participatory photo exhibit of never-before-seen photographs of Christmas Island in the 1950s-1980s.

Displaying photos donated by the late Roland Griffiths-Marsh and his family, this exhibit depicts Christmas Island’s social and cultural life during a key period of change on the island. The exhibit invites attendees, many of whom are long-time Islanders, to contribute to the record by writing directly on photographs, annotating them with knowledge.

Talking Maps

Talking Maps is a series of community mapping events held on Christmas Island that aims to spark and document location-specific memories about historically significant sites on the island and record them for the future. Each Talking Maps event brings Islanders together at a historic site on Christmas Island to respond to a series of prompts and create individual and collective maps of memory and emotion.

Our Island, Our Future

The result of a month-long poetry course at Christmas Island District High School, "Our Island, Our Future" is a print and digital zine that collects the voices of sixteen youth poets from Christmas Island.